The Process of Getting Admitted into a Mental Health Facility

April 30, 2024

With millions of people US-wide suffering from some kind of mental health challenge, many feel that there’s no way out of their misery. However, the process of getting admitted into a mental health facility is a crucial gateway to receiving support and care for your condition.

In this article, we’ll explain what this process entails at Time Wellness Arkansas and how you can successfully be accepted into many of our time-tested programs.

Let’s jump right in.

Step #1: Initial Inquiry and Assessment

The process starts with an initial inquiry, where you or your representative (if you can’t do it for some reason) make a phone call directly to our facility or fill out an online inquiry form on our website. This initial contact is designed to be client-friendly so you can easily reach out.

During the initial assessment, our admissions team will talk to you (or a loved one) about symptoms, treatment goals, and details on insurance coverage. This conversation is crucial to helping our team understand your specific needs and begin crafting a personalized treatment plan.

A therapist and patient talking during a mental health treatment admissions process
Assessing your current state of mind and treatment options for the best results

In this phase, you need to provide accurate and detailed information about your condition and everything else the admissions team asks of you. This way, we’ll make sure the treatment plan is appropriately aligned with your goals.

In contrast, misinformation or omitted details can lead to less effective treatment and care coordination.

Step #2: Verification of Insurance and Financial Options

One of the steps of getting admitted into a mental health facility is to verify insurance coverage—you can do this on our insurance page. Simply type in your first and last name, insurance provider, and other details to verify your benefits.

If you do this, you’ll quickly learn which services are covered under your plan, the extent of coverage, and any copays or deductibles. Time Wellness Arkansas guides you through this process by providing procedure codes and treatment details you need to verify your insurance.

In a nutshell, here are some of the most used insurance options at Time Wellness Arkansas:

  • Cigna rehab coverage
  • Aetna rehab coverage
  • Anthem rehab coverage
  • BCBS rehab coverage

But suppose you have no insurance or your insurance has limited coverage. In this case, we offer a variety of financial options and assistance programs to help make treatment as accessible as possible. These may include but aren’t limited to:

  • Payment plans
  • Sliding scale fees based on income
  • Access to charity care funds meant for mental health services

In any case, it’s essential that you discuss financial considerations transparently and openly with our admissions team. This talk ensures that you clearly understand the costs and can explore available options to manage those expenses.

Step #3: Preparing for Admission

So, you’ve sorted out your insurance benefits and completed the initial assessment. Now, it’s time to start preparing for admission.

First, gather a checklist of essential items like paperwork, personal identification, and a detailed medical history. These documents are crucial to ensure your treatment team has all the information needed to provide tailored care.

Second, arrange transportation to ensure you arrive comfortably and on time. It’s also vital to notify employers or educational institutions of your absence. Simply explain to them that this period is critical for your health care. That way, you’ll manage expectations better and maintain your responsibilities.

Two young women sitting on a bench in public
Reach out to a mental health hotline to get help in a crisis situation

Apart from that, you should address any immediate concerns prior to admission. If you find yourself in a crisis, seek immediate help or support by reaching out to mental health services in Arkansas at 479-879-1182.

But suppose you’ve completed all these steps, next comes arrival—or the final stage of the admission to a mental health treatment.

As soon as you arrive at Time Wellness Arkansas, you can expect a structured check-in procedure. This begins with meeting our admissions team, which typically consists of case managers and other administrative professionals. For illustration, they will guide you in:

  • Completing consent forms
  • Agreeing to privacy policies and protocols
  • Understanding what treating looks like

You’ll also be introduced to your treatment team comprised of mental health professionals and receive an initial orientation to our treatment programs, such as:

Anyway, the whole process will make you feel informed and comfortable, setting the stage for a successful treatment experience.

Step #4: Family Involvement and Transition

Time and again, researchers have proven the connection between positive mental health effects and family support. For example, one study reports that “family engagement for patients with mental illness has demonstrated benefits in several patient outcomes.”

Two women talking in a relaxed setting outdoors after finishing their mental health treatment admissions process
Your parents, children, and siblings can elevate your spirits and help you initiate getting admitted into a mental health facility

At Time Wellness Arkansas, we believe that the role of family members and loved ones is integral to your recovery journey. This all-encompassing approach includes family therapy sessions where relatives:

  • Gain insights into the challenges you face
  • Learn strategies to support you

Family can assist you practically and emotionally. To that end, our mental health clinic in Fayetteville AR provides everyone with educational resources to ensure they are well-equipped to handle the complexities of mental health challenges. With evidence-based therapies, a holistic approach, and modern facilities, we guide you to a life of lasting happiness.

Step #5: Aftercare Planning and Transition

Aftercare planning begins well before the conclusion of the initial treatment phase. It involves detailed discussions about the support services available post-treatment, including:

  • Support groups
  • Counseling
  • Medication management (in some cases)

The transition process from intensive outpatient mental health facilities in Arkansas to community-based resources is carefully managed to ensure continuity of care. In other words, we guide you through a structured plan that involves stepping down to less intensive levels of support tailored to your progress or current needs.

Last but not least, we always emphasize the importance of ongoing support to prevent relapse and sustain the gains you made during treatment. This comprehensive approach ensures that you leave our facilities with a robust support system in place—which is crucial for long-term recovery and stability.

Start Your Admissions Process Today

As discussed, getting admitted into a mental health facility involves five steps:

  • Enrolling in initial assessments
  • Verifying your insurance and checking benefits
  • Preparing essential documents
  • Engaging your family and friends in the admissions process
  • Transitioning into less intensive care

Finally, we empower you to take proactive steps to speed up your healing journey—and get help immediately.

Reach out to our mental health hotline in Arkansas today and find your much-needed balance!