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Our team at Time Wellness Arkansas consists of committed and exceptionally trained experts specialized in addressing a wide range of mental health conditions. Visit us to meet our Arkansas team today.

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Time Wellness Arkansas

Behavioral Health Treatment Facilities

We are dedicated to providing each client with compassionate and impactful care, guiding them at every stage of their journey through mental health treatment.

At Time Wellness Arkansas, we hold the conviction that the journey towards recovery is deeply impacted by the quality of the care providers. Our extensive recovery program is underpinned by a team of mental health professionals with years of combined expertise.

Our Arkansas Treatment Team

Meet the committed and caring team at our Fayetteville mental health center. Every individual in our group, ranging from therapists to administrative staff, puts the well-being of our clients first. We deliver tailored care with diligence and compassion. Our holistic method to mental health recovery guarantees that the specific needs of each client are comprehensively met. The center’s reputation for profound healing is rooted in a bedrock of trust and respect. Our treatment team stands as a symbol of hope and exemplifies the significant role of empathy in the healing process.

Danny Mills

Chief Marketing Officer

Phil Rapant

Chief Operations Officer

Jessica ‘MJ’ Ims M.S LAC

Primary Therapist

Stephen P. Sweeney APRN-CNP, PMHNP-BC

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Darian McNeill

Director of Operations
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Every phase of the treatment process, from the initial intake to the provision of aftercare, is deeply impacted by our devoted team members. They conduct both one-on-one and group therapy sessions and work in close association with the clinical team to customize treatment strategies that address the individual requirements of each client.

Clients and their designated therapists develop a relationship grounded in trust and rapport, elements vital to the recovery journey. Our team possesses the professional knowledge and empathy needed to guide clients toward lasting mental health well-being.

Contact us to begin your journey toward mental health recovery. We are ready and eager to support you in taking that initial step.

What our clients say…

Find out why we have a 5.0 rating on Google with a few words from our clients and their loved ones.

  • Christian Brown

    Time Wellness is an AMAZING place of healing the people here are amazing and they have completely transformed the lives of so many people this is the place for anyone who is or has a loved one struggling!

  • Philip Rapant

    “Great place to give you an opportunity to get well!”

  • A P

    “Best company! Staff is very knowledgeable and amazing!”

  • Danny Mills II

    Great company coming to a much needed area! Go Time!

  • Lauryn

    “Everything about time wellness is amazing!”

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